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So, I'm sure many of you are familiar with the quotation that I use in my signature:
"Its inevitable; when you grow up, your heart dies..." -The Breakfast Club.
Well, a Friend (who I shall refer to as Friend, since I didn't ask their permission to mention them :XD:) and I were talking a while ago about what this quote means to us and I thought that I might share my thoughts on the subject with all of my followers, since I do use the quote in my signature after all.

Below is what I wrote to Friend, edited slightly to exclude some of the more personal things I said to Friend, of course.

It is so much easier letting your heart die (growing up and growing old & tired of the same old grind) than it is to galvanize it (recapture the joie de vivre of youth). But a dead heart has no reason to keep beating, so we must all constantly find ways to keep it young and spry and alive within our chests.
Beatingheart by SybilThorn as opposed to   Breakingheart by SybilThorn

I know that for me, the process of re-vitalizing my heart is continuous and everlasting, for the decay of my joie de vivre is inevitable and on going, stubborn in its conquest of my spirit, and I must always be vigilant against it. For this reason, I hold dear on to the vestiges of my youthful joy and constantly search to find new delights in which to revel. I don't know why as adults we tend to forget how to be happy. It really shouldn't be such a difficult thing. As children we knew joy without even really trying. As adults, we see the world as a place filled with hardship and weariness, where as children we saw it as a place filled with wonder and possibilities. I must always remind myself to see things with all the innocent hope of a child. That is how I keep my heart alive.
I sincerely hope that all of you never lose your joie de vivre and that, if you do, you will find a way to revive your heart! I wish you all the innocent joy of childhood, the undeniable and inexplicable hope that accompanies the blush of youth. I hope that the wisdom of adulthood never overshadows the optimism of your inner child. I pray that you find ways to keep your heart alive!
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January 15, 2016
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