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Universe: Harry Potter, Potter Era - Epilogue Era (1990-Present)

Name: Tage Thistle (Her Cherokee name is Atsasgili Atadiusti and pronounced ah-jaw-sss-gee-lee ah-tah-dee-ooh-sss-tee)
SybilThornByCircuitGirl by SybilThorn - art by :iconcircuitgirl:
D.O.B.: 8/13/1990

Blood: Mixed (though officially considered a Magbob daughter of two No-Majs, a Squib father and a Muggle mother)

Year: Graduated
While in school, it was known that Tage was previously largely self-taught, meaning her knowledge is extremely limited in comparison to other witches and wizards her age, a result from her being kept from going to magic school at the proper age by her parents. Furthermore, she was commonly considered to be rather pitiful at wandwork, a fact that is probably also tried to her educational background but is commonly rumored by prejudiced bullies to be caused by her status as the child of a Squib (she never combated these rumors for fear that her parents would be accused of breaking Rappaport's Law, resulting in her father being arrested and her mother being Obliviated). However, she proved herself to be a diligent, dedicated, and determined student who worked hard to improve by any means necessary, including tedious practice and long hours of study that at one memorable point in her education resulted in her taking extremely ill from the tax on her body from going days without sleep as she repeatedly practiced the wand-movements for one spell that was giving her trouble over and over again until she crashed from exhaustion and woke up in the school infirmary only to continue practicing until she got it mastered.

Wand: 11.75" Hazel and Thunderbird Tail-feather, crafted by the daughter of the esteemed Choctaw wandmaker Shikoba Wolfe

Pet: none, but she would love a snake or a raven.

Physical Description: Tage is 4'7", though you would never know it because she is always sitting down. She has a condition which places her in a wheelchair that was caused when Tage, as a toddler, was playing with her grandfather's wand, which she had found, and, while babbling her typical toddler nonsense syllables, accidentally cursed herself. Unfortunately, the curse has proven irreversible and can not be cured by a flick of the wand. Her brown hair, whether worn down or pulled back, is always messy and her almond eyes glitter mischievously from behind her glasses.

Brief Personal History: Tage was born August 13, 1990 to No-Maj/'muggle' parents. While her mother was non-magical, her father was descended from a long line Cherokee wisemen and had some magical gifts, including minor clairvoyance and empathy/legimens, that were so insignificant that even he himself believed that he was a No-Maj, explaining away any instances where his magical gifts were at play as simply evidence that he was a particularly clever and intuitive man, nothing more. For this reason, he was never trained. Being officially classified as a No-Maj, Tage's father was legally banned from marrying a witch, which suited him just fine because he ended up meeting a very lovely No-Maj girl from a rather prominent No-Maj family shortly after finishing his schooling at a No-Maj high school and fell immediately in love with her, a moment that he would always describe as the most magical moment in his life. The two married, despite her parents' dislike for him & his odd family and his parents' constant disappointment that he was legally considered a No-Maj & their paranoid animosity towards her and her family, and had three children. The couple were, fortunately, accepted by their parents as soon as they had their first child, her parents realizing that they would only be allowed to see their grandchildren if they mending things with their daughter & her husband and his parents finding hope that at least one of their grandchildren might prove Magical and intending to be available to help that child assimilate into the Magical Community if that time ever came. Tage has two older brothers, both of whom share their father's unnoticed clairvoyance & empathy and went untrained. Although Tage's first magical feat had been the terrible incident of her accidentally cursing herself, her parents and brothers kept the knowledge of her magic from her (even going so far as to cut ties with her wizard grandfather, who by the time of her birth had become a widower), understandably fearing her further involvement with magic given what had already befallen her. So Tage didn't know about magic or her magical abilities until first detecting her power at age 9, when she had her first full-blown vision. When she received her letter of acceptance to Ilvermorny, her parents didn't allow her to go. In silent rebellion, Tage set out to teach herself. So, she was initially largely self-taught, always striving to become more powerful and more knowledgeable about magic. In search of more magical knowledge, she went on a Native America Spirit Quest at the age of 13, guided by the instruction and advice of her grandfather, who she had reconnected with against her parents' wishes (they had never forgiven him for leaving his wand where their toddler had been able to reach it and had subsequently cut ties with him in order to protect their children from the dangerous world of magic). This experience armed her with both the resolve to convince her parents to finally allow her to enroll in Ilvermorny and knowledge of the necessary arguments to do so.  At 13 she enrolled in Ilvermorny as a slightly over-aged first-year. At this time, her grandfather replaced her muggle-made power-wheelchair with a specially made magical wheelchair charmed to move according to her thoughts and to fly like a broom that he had gotten a rather reknown American broomstick maker to build. He also commissioned a custom wand for her from the daughter of the famous Choctaw wandmaker Shikoba Wolfe. After years at Ilvermorny, Tage applied to enroll into an experimental foreign exchange program between several internationally acclaimed wizarding schools. After being selected, she was sent to Hogwarts for her final year of school and was sorted into Slytherin for her cunning determination and desire for greatness. She despises being referred to as a mudblood or a half-breed, fiercely believing that such language invites dangerous prejudices and constantly fearing that someone will determine that her father is in fact a wizard, which would make her parents' marriage illegal according to Rappaport's Law. In America, she is quick to label herself as the witch daughter of No-Maj parents for this very reason. However, given the traditionally extreme pure-blood-supremacy leanings of many British wizards, especially those associated with Slytherin, in order to avoid anyone looking down on her (although by this time she needn't have worried so much because the European Wizarding Community had undergone significant social reform and even Slytherin House's propensity for anti-muggle philosophies had been somewhat dispelled since the conclusion of the Second Wizarding War), while at Hogwarts she was quick to point out that, although she is the daughter of No-Maj parents, her family line is just as ancient, though less known, as the Blacks, the Princes, and several other prominent pureblood wizarding families.

Temperament: Tage's personality is like a pendulum. At one point, she can be very old and wise seeming, then, at another, she'll be very young acting. She gets along with just about everybody, unless she has just had or is about to have a vision. Then, she is very short tempered. She doesn't feel odd being older than others in her level, though sometimes she uses her age as a way to have more sway.

Best Magical Talent: She is a clairvoyant, though she rarely shares her visions, and has been know to be an empath. She has very little control over these talents. Despite not being very good at herbology or wand-based magic, she has some aptitude for making potions, which requires at least a basic knowledge of those other two disciplines. She does, in addition, show some aptitude for wandless magic, a skill that her Native American ancestors were known for, and is somewhat adept at non-verb magic. She is also a rather decent Quodpot player, though the use of flying wheelchair instead of a broom is often contested in certain circles as against the rules. While at Hogwarts, she dabbled with Quidditch, helping her housemates practice and proving herself rather gifted as a Chaser, though she never tried out for her house's team, nervous that the debate over whether or not her use of a flying wheelchair was against the rules might draw too much negative attention to her. Instead, she often acted as an informal coach for Slytherin and was one of the main Commentators of most school matches. 

Worst Magical Talent: For the life of her, Tage can't get the hang of defensive magic or herbology, the latter being extremely vexing for her because of the propensity her Native American ancestors had for this form of magic. Actually, she is rather bad at most wandwork... really, really, bad - she is descended from squibs, after all, though this weakness may also have had something to do with post-traumatic stress from her subconscious recalling the incident of her accidental cursing of herself... Much of her spells are either duds or have unintended effects. However she keeps trying and she is determined to eventually master wandwork whatever it takes, even if it kills her. It is of note, however, that though it typically takes her much longer than average to master a spell/charm/hex, once she has done so, after rigorous practice, she will be extremely proficient at casting it, even to the extent of being able to non-verbally cast her most practiced spells (as it takes her so much time and effort to get to this point, there are only a handful of spells that she can use with any reliability).

Best Non-Magical Talent: Tage is a rather adept researcher, excelling in both the study of History and the study of Literature, both Magic and No-Maj. She is a very talented writer and an artist of passible talent, recording her visions in a journal with such accuracy, detail, and vivid language that anyone reading her account might swear that they saw it all as if through a penseive and illustrating most of her entries with sketches of prominent details from her visions. She is also good at tracking animals, a skill she learned from her father who had always been determined to celebrate their Cherokee heritage despite distancing himself from their magic roots.

Worst Non-Magical Talent: being moody, laughing at the wrong times, math

Special Possessions: her charmed wheelchair, which flies; her Spirit Bag, which holds magical relics from her Spirit Quest; her feathered headband

Greatest Fear: the idea that her parents might be accused of breaking Rappaport's Law, being seen as stupid or otherwise inferior, spiders, ants

Future goals: Tage wants desperately to be a professor, preferably of either Divination, International Wizarding History, or Muggle Art and Literature (particularly on the depictions, both positive and negative, of Magic, how these depictions may have come to be, how they have changed throughout history, and what they can tell us about Muggle's changing attitudes and whether or not there could possibly be a time that Muggle attitudes no longer necessitated Wizarding Secrecy - a future event that she has foreseen but is unsure of when it will happen) at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She also is determined to move her family to the UK as soon as absolutely possible, in the hopes that doing so will keep them safe from the extreme animosity that the American Wizarding community has for No-Majs and the constant threat of being punished for breaking Rappaport's Law. Despite her pride in her Cherokee ancestry, Tage feels that she and her family must leave their native lands once more (the first time her ancestors left their lands was on the Trail of Tears, when entire tribes, including those with and without Magic who had lived together in peace before European settlers disrupted this peace between Magic and Non-Magic by installing witch-hunts that led to the founding of MACUSA, forced to relocate to Reservations due to persecution by both No-Maj and Wizard settlers) in order to escape pursecution. As the UK Wizarding community is more accepting of relationships between Wizards and No-Majs/muggles, Tage is certain that this is the best place for her family to be. Furthermore, Tage believes that the reformation of the Wizarding community in the UK following the Second Wizarding War has prepared it best to be the birthplace of the movement that will eventually lead Wizards and Witches worldwide to defy the International Statute of Secrecy and reveal themselves to the enlightened and generally accepting Non-magical community, who will surprise supporters of Magical Secrecy by being accepting of those with magical talents, leading to Magical Governments and Non-magical Governments merging, a series of events that Tage has foreseen, but doesn't know when will happen. Though she doubts that this will come to pass in her lifetime, she would rather that her descendants live in the first nation to successfully and peacefully blend Magical and Non-magical communities under a new policy of Openness and Acceptance. So, anywhere in the UK is fine with her, though, as she aspires to teach at Hogwarts, she is partial to relocating to Scotland.

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