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So, I've recently have been doing a series of Apocalyptic works that take place in the same universe.
Survivors of the Apocalypse by SybilThorn Home Sweet Apocalypse, Crashing Here For The Night by SybilThorn Shelter In The Apocalypse by SybilThorn Apocalypse Alley by SybilThorn Bath Time During The Apocalypse, A Rare Luxury by SybilThorn
The Apocalypse Is Full Of Close-Calls by SybilThorn Love In The Apocalypse by SybilThorn

Below is a little bit about that universe.

             When the space ships arrived in our atmosphere, many panicked, expecting to soon be facing an invasion. The aliens, however, assured our world leaders that they did in fact come in peace. They had superior technology and could have clearly destroyed us and our whole planet if that had been their intent. No, they claimed that they came seeking refuge after their own home planet had been destroyed by their sun naturally supernovaing. Unable to save their own home, they sought a new planet to inhabit. Of course, our world leaders were suspicious and reluctant, but the aliens claimed that their advanced technology could help us solve our own problems, by curing illnesses like cancer and HIV and eradicating issues like world hunger and the over-production of waste. Our world leaders agreed and soon enough the aliens, a race of humanoid beings that called themselves sverians, were living and working among us.
               Things were rough at first. Sverian culture was vastly different from any culture on Earth and most humans were reluctant to accept our new neighbors. The sverians were very intelligent, however, and quickly learned of our culturally ingrained weariness of outsiders, taught to us by our own human history and perpetuated by a nearly endless list of alien-invasion movies and books. They understood our fear and rationale and dealt with it like a patient parent would deal with a child’s irrational, yet completely understandable, fear of the dark. As tensions between humans and sverians were seeming to ease, we all thought that the worst was behind us.
               We couldn’t have been more wrong. It was around that time that the Sickness began. At first, there were only a few cases of the mysterious illness. Doctors were baffled by it, as it didn’t seem to be caused by either a bacteria or a virus and because its symptoms didn’t seem to align with any disease known to man other than those written about in works of fiction. The infected at first became highly energized, manic like an over-caffeinated teen or a child experiencing his first sugar-high. Then, they would fall into a death-like slumber, a coma in which no functional brain activity could be detected. It was during this stage that their body would begin to show signs of decomposition, as if the infection was eating away at the flesh. At first, we all thought that this was the end of the infection, that the victims were dead. We soon found out that we were wrong. Within two weeks after burying the first few victims of the Sickness, which by that point had claimed hundreds of people worldwide, our mistake was revealed when those infected that we had laid to rest began to claw their way out of their graves, violent and blood-thirsty.
               Although, certainly, the beginning of the end had been much sooner, it was this time that we all remember as the moment when everything changed. Chaos erupted as the zombies ravaged the world. Our world leaders abandoned us to the chaos as they locked themselves away in fortified bunkers with military protection and enough supplies to last a decade. The world quickly descended into mob violence. Survival became a constant battle. Humans fought zombies out of self-defense, fought each other and the sverians for supplies, and fought the sverians out of simple anger. We, of course, blamed the sverians for the Sickness. We still don’t know if they infected us on purpose or if it had just been a natural occurrence caused by being exposed to their foreign infectants. Regardless, it was clear that they had brought the Sickness with them and that they were immune to it. So, one group of scientists used an abandoned government facility to build a nuclear warhead and bomb the sverian ships.
               The nuclear fallout was devastating, but seemed to do nothing to slow the Sickness or stop the zombies. So, the world became an even more dangerous place. Many sought protection from the only forces that seemed to be able to offer any, gangs. Many gangs that already existed before the Apocalypse began were well equipped to survive the hyper-violence of these dark times. Survivors fought tooth-and-nail to join these large gangs because membership meant protection from all the dangers of our new world. These gangs claimed the best lands and had more abundant supplies and superior firepower. Those that weren't accepted into one of these gangs were condemned to fend for themselves. Some banded together in smaller roving gangs that survived by being nomadic scavengers. These smaller gangs tended to be somewhat temporary. Sometimes they would disband or get accidentally separated. Other times, they would get wiped out by either zombies, rival gangs, or any of the other dangers that the Apocalypse was rife with.
               One such gang (pictured below), was an eclectic mix of juvenile delinquents, former trustifarians, artists, videogame enthusiasts, and misfits. Calling themselves The Misfits of Mayhem (MM), in homage to their diverse mix of members, they rode from town to town on motorcycles and motorbikes, taking what they needed from abandoned buildings and camping out anywhere that they could fortify for the night. After being caught stealing supplies from a larger gang, they were separated during the skirmish. Many of their members died. When a horde of zombies interrupted the fight, the humans from both sides scattered. MM was broken into several smaller groups. Each group, fearing themselves to be the only MM survivors left, set out to try to find their fellow members and to survive without the entire group. It wouldn't be easy, because in a world where safety is in numbers, being alone was as good as being dead and having only one or two people to watch your back was as good as being alone.

Apocalypse By Sybilthorn-d9kmni8 by SybilThorn

The art and writing in this journal is the property of Sybil Thorn. Any use of any part of this property without the consent of Sybil Thorn is prohibited by law. Violators will be dealt with accordingly.

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December 19, 2015


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